dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

memories of another lifetime

I haven't started off with journalism straight away. At first I was in the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, Belgium. I studied something called social and military sciences and  in the meantime I got the military training. There were quite some things that I disliked of course, otherwise I would have stayed there. But the purpose of this post , isn't pointing at things I disliked, but pointing at those I did actually like.

Such as the training, if it wasn't for the injuries I got because of it, I would have loved the training, the military one, the physical one, and even the lack of sleep.

I used to have a roomie, and a nice view outside my window, I could always look at all those men and women with loads of stripes and stars on their shoulders. They had shimmering medals on their  chests and wore all kinds of uniforms. You see, it always depends on what component you're in. In the first year, unless you're already having the pilote or ATC training, you get a statute called 'all weapons' . It technically means that you can still be divided into every possible weapon ( weapon meaning the engineers, infantry, artillery,etc. ...)

You're probably wondering why I am telling you all this, well  the reason  is the fact that this friday , I am going to that Royal Military Academy again, this time as a civilian. The Music Band is giving their opening concert , and a friend of mine asked me to come over and to be there as her companion. 

I wonder wether things have changed... The army 's usually an institution that barely changes.  Very conservative in a non-political way. The seeds of the changes I've recommended my Captain and Colonel probably didn't find proper soil to grow, but it would have helped them. The less we divide the French speaking and the Dutch speaking people of Belgium, the better it is. I believe that the army should be the first one to create a good cohesion between these two big, Belgian populations.

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