vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Green milk and a white caterpillar

Missing a place can be both a good thing or a bad.
This  summer I've spent my days in Canada, in New Brunswick to be more specific. In all honesty , I've experienced the most beautiful moments of my life there. Every single thing I did fell into place.
I can easily say (being a Belgian) that I've seen more trees than I've ever seen before. It must have been too much oxygen at once, for I was already amazed by caterpillars and bags of milk.
I have so many good memories of this period, and I can 't wait until I get back there .
Have you ever been to a place that you long for this much? It simply doesn't give you a break, does it? 

Certain things will always fascinate me, such as nice views, food ( oh yes, chicken for sure) , people's faces, the emotions you can see in sceneries and so on.. So many things, if I had to list them all , you'd be reading this post for days. Because I don't want  to steal all your time of course, I'll just share some pictures with you, some photos of things that fascinate me.

All credits for the picture of the green milk go to Lori from http://bestfamilytraditions.com/author/lori/

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